Naby Frye Assyrian Fund for Culture

15 Tower Hill Road

Brimfield, MA 01010


501(c)(3) organization

Fund Officers

Members - Ex Officio

President: Nels MN Frye

Nels Mishael Naby Frye is a business consultant, editor, and entrepreneur. Born in Boston, and named after his two grandfathers, one Assyrian and the other Swedish, he has maintained a strong interest in his Assyrian heritage and wishes to encourage ways in which Assyrian culture can be made relevant to his generation and those younger.

Treasurer: Eden Naby Frye

Eden Naby Frye, a cultural historian of the Middle East and Central Asia, originates from the Urmia village of Golpashan, was raised in Philadelphia, and has lived in Massachusetts since her marriage to Richard Nelson Frye. The establishment of NFAFC, a privately funded 501(3)C organization, grew out of her desire to enhance, as well as preserve, the Aramaic language- based culture of the Assyrians, in honor of the generations of Assyrians who consciously or not, contributed to her knowledge and respect for the diverse Assyrian communities.

Clerk/Website Manager: Mary Naby

Working for over 15 years at World Wildlife Fund in Washington, DC, Mary has lived in Panama, Thailand, Japan, and the US. Her father is Assyrian and mother Thai.  She is devoted to non-profit causes and finds working with the Assyrian community in the DC area rewarding and work with the NFAFC challenging but stimulating. She supports Assyrian language arts, particularly critical in retaining Aramaic as a vibrant language.


Susan Nicholas (term: 2020)
Born and raised in the California Bay Area and trained in zoology at UC-Davis, Susan spent twenty-five years working in the biotech and pharmaceutical sector, the last ten years in oncology clinical trials. Now retired, Susan enjoys research on family and individual ancestry evidence. She haa traced her own Danish, Norwegian and other ancestors through the many kinds of records available on-line such as ship’s manifests and other tools at various kinds of archives. She assisted in uncovering the fascinating background of Samuel Aiwas Jacobs (1890-1971), an accomplished Assyrian who was the publisher of e.e. cummings as well as the holder of eleven patents.

Amin Karimpour (term: 2020)
Amin Karimpour is a Business System Lead in product development and Digital Transformation Catalyst, part-time faculty at Northeastern University and entrepreneur.  Born in Tehran, Iran, he has great interest in the cultures, art and history of Middle East and firmly supports nourishing Assyrian culture which represents one of the oldest in the region. He believes that through art we understand cultures and through cultures we understand history.

Michael Albin (term: 2020)
Mike Albin retired from the Library of Congress after 27 years of service during which he held a number of positions including 10 years as Director of the Library Field Office in Cairo Egypt. Mike spent most of his career in acquisitions for the Library but he also served in the Asian Division and was Acting Director for Acquisitions and Overseas Operations. Mike served the US Army in Iraq as a member of the Human Terrain System.  He currently is writing a book on tribal leadership. He has served as officer of several academic associations.